Facebook New Graph Search. The end of traditional global search?


Facebook New Graph Search. The end of traditional global search?   When people search on the new Facebook Graph Search your results are relevant to the liking or shared by your friends, family and neighbors. This brilliant way of bring up your brand to the top of the search is going to take marketers by

Why The Mobile Web?


  It can be a challenge convincing clients to add new strategies to their existing Web presence. In a perfect world, a client would simply say, “You’re the expert. You know what’s best. Do whatever needs to be done to make it happen!” But, unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like that. Granted, we shouldn’t expect

Local Sales Direct, Digital Scientific Method


Local Sales Direct, Principle 1: Characterizations Characterizations are “observations, definitions and measurements” of the subject. Think of these as your baseline performance statistics. What’s the CTR and conversion rate? What’s the current hero image? By truly understanding your starting point, we form the basis of measuring the effects of change on the program. Many times

Choosing the Right Analytcis Systems


Laying the Groundwork – Choosing the Right Analytcis Systems  In order to understand the impact your SEO efforts have on your business, you first need to make sure you are collecting the right data and attributing it to the right sources.  This is why it’s important to use visitor intelligence to analyze your SEO performance

The Social Media Growing Pains


Social media had its share of growing pains. Large brands and corporations took to social media in force to try to find footing in this expanding medium. Some brands found success, while others found peril and new PR nightmares. Many shows have already begun to integrate social TV, either through polling or integrating social elements

Email Marketing


Different types of email formats have different goals and advantages. Whether you are just starting with email marketing or you have some experience Should you nurture your subscribers with weekly newsletters? Are dedicated sends better at optimizing your sales and marketing funnel? What about email digests? These are all valid questions that you should consider

EMAIL Marketing By Local Sales Direct


Email marketing is the call of the day. It is easier than it actually sounds. What you need to know is how and what to cut, then paste, then point and click. Your email marketing is on the verge of acceptance by the target group at large. First you have to create your own email

Want to Reach Hispanics? Try Video


Hispanic are online! Hispanic today spend more time online , According to  a recent report by Google   found that, while Hispanics are online less than non-Hispanics, Hispanic Internet users consume a much higher volume of online video than their non-Hispanic counterparts. The study found that 64% of Hispanic Internet users visited a video site in the

The right content for your website by Local Sales Direct


If you have reasonably decent writing skills, then hiring a professional copywriter or a marketing agency is not at all required. All you need to do is learn some basic tips for writing the content for your websites. Local sales direct brings you the guide to web content writing with the idea of helping you

Search Engine Marketing with a social media touch (Facebook paid per click)


  Social networking has gone up to being the boon for several companies. Local sales direct.com is such a medium that enables companies, to provide full knowledge of their products to their customers, through the medium of online search engine. Local sales direct.com provides professional Search Engine Marketing services for small to mid sized businesses.