Choosing the Right Analytcis Systems

Laying the Groundwork – Choosing the Right Analytcis Systems 

In order to understand the impact your SEO efforts have on your business, you first need to make sure you are collecting the right data and attributing it to the right sources.  This is why it’s important to use visitor intelligence to analyze your SEO performance and ensure your SEO efforts are producing the right results.  How your data is structured is critical to enable accurate analysis and reporting. It will allow you to build five advanced, but simple, SEO analyses that you can perform with visitor intelligence.

Using a dynamic call tracking system by Local Sales Direct helps you gather the right data.

Every SEO solution will give you search volumes, keyword ranks and even traffic volumes, but, are these the metrics that matter to you?  Most B2B marketers care about leads and opportunities, while every business cares about revenue.  What are your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)?  And more importantly, what are they being measured by?  Is it leads, opportunities, ROI, annual revenue or LTV (life time value)?  Whatever it is, make sure your SEO plan has a clear path focusing on how to bring you there.

Dynamic call tracking generates data based on the keywords or phrases that trigger your phone call.  Local Sales Direct integrates those keywords and phrases into the intelligence of your website by updating every week the data gathered from the dynamic call tracking, making this marketing tool one of you best sources of data intelligence!

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