Email Marketing

Different types of email formats

have different goals and advantages.

Whether you are just starting with email marketing or you have some experience Should you nurture your subscribers with weekly

newsletters? Are dedicated sends better at

optimizing your sales and marketing funnel? What

about email digests?

These are all valid questions that you should consider when

selecting the right format that meets your email marketing goals.


Many business and organizations send email newsletters in order to stay top of mind for their recipients. When using newsletters as the foundation of your email marketing program you must Define your goal.


You will need to determine your goal. What is it that you want your email newsletter to achieve? You might want to nurture your existing

contacts and become the first brand they think of when they need a product or service in your industry. This would be a fantastic goal if you are

a B2C company. Or your goal might be to increase sharing so that you attract new people to your list.


Brand Awareness

Similar to newspapers, newsletters create a certain anticipation in readers.

Whether it is a daily newsletter or a weekend communication, you get into

the habit of receiving it. If you enjoy the content, you will most likely stay

subscribed to the newsletter and look forward to getting the next email. By

building a habit in your email subscribers, you enable them to recognize your

brand and associate it with a positive sentiment.


Newsletters generally contain information that you have already published.

Many companies do quick summaries of their most popular blog posts and

link to the articles from their newsletter. In this way, they bring subscribers

back to the company website and engage them with more company content.

diverse content. Email newsletters give you the freedom to include different types of content that might be important to your organization. For instance, the same newsletter can contain a popular blog post, a new offer, an announcement of

an upcoming event, information about a discount and a link to a survey.


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