Facebook New Graph Search. The end of traditional global search?

Facebook New Graph Search. The end of traditional global search?


When people search on the new Facebook Graph Search your results are relevant to the liking or shared by your friends, family and neighbors.

This brilliant way of bring up your brand to the top of the search is going to take marketers by storm. Searches are not longer based on content.

The shift to information over persuasion is coming to social media, driven by Facebook’s new Graph Search tool.

The way Graph Search works is simple; it filters our search results by what our friends and neighbors have previously liked and shared with us.

From a business intelligence perspective, the implications of this new function could be far reaching, given Graph Search allows users to formulate their perceptions of goods and services based on reviews from people they know and trust, potentially sidestepping most marketing efforts.


Is this the end on the traditional Global Search?

Not at all, the Graph Search opens up the potential for a new frontier in marketing as companies will now have to find the right mix of creativity and incentives as they battle for check-ins and likes to maintain relevancy in consumer search listings.

In short, the future winners in social media marketing will be the companies who are perceived as truly genuine in messaging by letting customers do the bragging for them.


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