SEO Consulting


SEO Consulting

If you’re interested in getting an expert search engine optimization consultant to assist you in developing and growing your business, We offer services that can help you. Depending on what level of service you need there are different packages for you to choose from. These services are high level consulting services that will assist you in developing or fine tuning your SEM strategy. If you are interested in having me work with you directly on a specific project please see the performance based marketing section below. All of the plans, except the basic phone consultation will include follow up communications via phone or email. You can use the button at the bottom of the page to schedule a phone consulting session.


Local Sales Direct. LLC a Full Service Marketing Agency, We have be working in the industry for over 8 years .

Phone Consulting

We will discuss any basic or specific elements or area(s) of your site that you would like. We’ll also come up with some suggestions on how you can improve your website and assist you with developing a general strategy to help you bring your site to the next level. This service is available for any site including affiliate sites. We’ll  need to see your domain and get a general idea of what you think you need help with before proceeding.

Link Baiting, Viral Marketing and Social Media Consulting

If you’re interested in link baiting, social media sites like delicious, digg, Netscape, MySpace, you tube or others this is the consulting service you need. For this service I will work with you to develop a strategy that can help get the most value out of these services. Instead of working for a “perfect storm” of traffic from just one effort, I’ll develop a plan for multiple efforts over a period of time, which in my experience is much more effective and has longer lasting results. Keep in mind every link baiting or viral marketing effort is different and will have different results. Some may get you 50 organic links and 50,000 visitors some will get you 10-20 links and bring only 1000 visitors, it varies by industry and what other stories are running at the same time, which is why we  favor a multi-effort plan.

SEO Site Review

Is your site broken and you don’t know why? Do you think you’re doing everything right but still aren’t getting the rankings you should be getting? The SEO site review will evaluate all of your onsite factors and assess what the search engines think of your site. This will include a full report with specific details on what you need to do to correct any problems you have.

Blog Consulting

Are you looking to add a blog or get involved in the blogosphere but don’t know where to go or how to get started? The blog consulting package is the right choice for you. We will evaluate the different blogging platforms for you go over the advantages and disadvantages of each and help you choose the right one for your company or organization. Additionally we’ll help you develop an overall blogging strategy, keep you from making common and costly mistakes that could derail your blogging efforts.

Reputation Management

Are there negative listings for your company, product, or executives? Are you concerned that these negative listing are affecting your customers opinions of you and negatively affecting the profitability of your business? Do you want to take proactive steps to prevent competitors from encroaching on your brand and space, then look at our reputation management consulting.

If you have question about which service is right for you or would like more information please Call Me 866-225-6214 EXT 502 or use my contact form sure in to include the following information, your name, your site, what type of service you are interested in and what’s the best time or way to get back in touch with you. You can use the button below to schedule a phone consulting session.