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Local Sales Direct Digital SignageSEO Web Labs’s Digital Signage is an attention driving, eye catching and     economically superior medium of getting distinct messages out to customers,   in a familiar way that they are used to see.Content rich, easy to use and      affordable, digital signage allows for dynamic  message updates while also   eliminating print costs and lowering overhead,  increasing the power of visually extensive messages as it connects and  informs customers.

New examples of digital signs include Information Display Monitors in corporate offices, Digital Menus in restaurants and movie theaters, Advertising in malls or Way Finding and Announcement Boards in schools and community areas.


Make advertisements jump off the screen in multi-media formats:

• Still

Text and dynamic images

On demand

• Live audio and video


Our unique cost effective video decoding technology offers superior, high definition 1080P Resolution and quality images to mainstream LCD’s and displays.

Digital Displays can be used for large billboard branding, incorporating ads in side panels, headers or footers on displays that help provide customer services including announcement boards, news feed, building directory or promotions.


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