The Social Media Growing Pains

Social media had its share of growing pains. Large brands and corporations took to social media in force to try to find footing in this expanding medium. Some brands found success, while others found peril and new PR nightmares.

Many shows have already begun to integrate social TV, either through polling or integrating social elements within the show.

Social media will  played a pivotal role in the  presidential election, and it will likely be more integrated into political broadcasts.

As each news channel  will fights hard to keep their viewers engaged, some would argue that this social media integration has come at the expense of hard-hitting journalism and analysis.


The way corporate entities approach social media is shifting. Many companies realize that setting up Twitter, YouTube and Facebook accounts is not going to cut it as their social media strategy. Brands will need to seriously shift their perspective by treating social channels more like communication channels and less like an advertising channels in order to make a difference. Local Sales Direct can help you conceptualize and implement all you Marketing strategies. Call us today for a free consultation.