Want to Reach Hispanics? Try Video

Hispanic are online! Hispanic today spend more time online , According to  a recent report by Google   found that, while Hispanics are online less than non-Hispanics, Hispanic Internet users consume a much higher volume of online video than their non-Hispanic counterparts. The study found that 64% of Hispanic Internet users visited a video site in the past month, versus 50% of the general population.

The study also found that with the exception of Hulu, Spanish-dominant and bilingual Hispanics are either as likely or more likely than English-dominant Hispanics to have visited various video sites in the month preceding the survey.  In the case of YouTube, 92% or more of all Hispanic sub-groups reported having visited the video site.

The fact that Hispanics are the youngest ethnic or racial group in the US (median age of 27 versus 31 for blacks and 41 for whites, according to the Census Bureau) may also have something to do with why Brands like  Old Navy, Mc Donald’s , Burger King,  Coors and many other brands  invests significant marketing dollars to target Hispanics.

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